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With a passion for flight

A Passion for Flight

Dedicated to promoting radio controlled flight. Our desire is to provide a safe and positive environment for people of all ages to learn about and participate in model flight.

Interested In or New To The Hobby?


Most of our members fly planes.


Some of our members fly helicopters.


Some of our members fly drones.

If you are interested in learning to fly, contact us so we can help you make this a positive and rewarding experience.

If you want to fly an rc aircraft (plane, helicopter or drone) for business, there are more regulations to follow compared to flying recreationally. You can get more info from Transport Canada's Getting Permission To Fly Your Drone.


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Club Rules

General Rules

  • MANDATORY - Pilots must have valid MAAC and Club Memberships (you may fly a couple of times before getting a Club Membership).
  • Enforce "Pilots Only in the Pit Area"
  • Be courteous to spectators & pilots alike
  • Children must be supervised
  • Pets must be on leash
  • Family friendly club. No use of inappropriate language

Safety Rules

  • ALWAYS give way to manned aircraft
  • Post your frequency on the board (excluding 2.4GHz)
  • Fly in a controlled, safe manner
  • DO NOT fly while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Alcohol and/or drugs NOT permited on property
  • Enforce safety standards when violated
  • Fly from a Pilot Box/Station
  • Fly East of the flight-line
  • Announce intentions while flying
  • Maximum of 4 aircraft at one time, unless Combat, Racing, etc.
  • Fly aircraft within Visual Line-of-Sight at all times
  • If flying FPV, you MUST have someone with you who will have Visual Line-of-Sight at all times
  • Students MUST fly with an instructor and buddy box system until the instructor believes the student is ready to fly solo. Club instructors assume no responsibility for the student's aircraft
  • Fly aircraft within a lateral distance of 500 m (1640 ft.). DO NOT exceed
  • Fly aircraft within an altitude of 90 m (300 ft.). DO NOT exceed

  • In addition to our rules, all pilots must know and follow the MAAC Policies, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines and Safety Code. They can be found on the MAAC website:

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